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We have recently moved into a bigger and better clinic located at Cranbourne Park Health and Wellness Centre, 24 Mundaring Drive, Cranbourne 3977. We are located within short walking distance of Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre and there is ample off-street parking available right in front of our clinic.

With this exciting move, we can offer more open hours and a broad range of services. Our podiatrists can help you with all your footcare needs including:

  • Nail and skin care
  • Corns and callouses
  • Ingrown nails
  • Diabetes footcare
  • Sports injuries
  • Video gait analysis
  • Children’s feet
  • Moonboots and casting
  • EPC Plans

Cranbourne Park Health and Wellness Centre also provides other allied health services including:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietitian
  • Psychology
  • Audiology
  • & more

Our team of professionals are ready to help you from head to toe!

You do not need to have a referral, just call us on 1300 847 226 or book an appointment online.

Plaster Casting

The foot is designed to withstand considerable forces. Walking, running and jumping, are all movements that place impact and force on soft tissue and bones. Amazingly, there are 26 bones in the foot, all of which are susceptible to injuries like fractures.

Some injuries are due to acute trauma (e.g. ankle sprains) or may become worse over a period of time and are due to overuse. Injury assessment and diagnosis is based on clinical examination, functional testing and diagnostic imaging such as x-rays and ultrasounds where indicated.

Treatment often depends on the severity of injury and location. Use of a CAM walker, immobilisation via plaster casting or a back slab cast are some treatment options that aim to reduce pain and re-align injured structures. A plaster of Paris back slab consists of a slab of plaster that does not completely surround the limb, it protects the injured area and allows for swelling.

With some injuries plaster casting may be the appropriate management required. Common indications for casting include: metatarsal and ankle fractures, stress fractures, soft-tissue injuries such as ankle sprains, and the more severe and complicated breaks.

Under the plaster cast, a soft cotton sock layer and padding is applied evenly to protect the skin and bony prominences.

It’s important to wear it right! After the affected leg has had the plaster applied:

  • Elevate the leg/foot
  • Exercise the toes to prevent stiffness
  • Use crutches at all times when walking
  • Do not scratch under the cast or place any objects inside the cast
  • Keep the cast dry at all times

Once the cast is removed, activity shouldn’t be rushed. It may take a while for everything to get back to normal. Start with small, easy movements and work your way up to using the limb fully. Your Podiatrist will issue an exercise program and return to activity guideline.

Be patient with healing bones.

CAM Walker

Cam Walkers/Moon Boots


A Cam Walker is designed to help injuries heal, these can include soft tissue and bony injuries. The Podiatry Group have qualified Podiatrists specifically trained to fit Cam Walkers/Moon Boots. We are able to offer same day fitting at our Warragul, Drouin and Cranbourne Podiatry Clinics, this way you will be able to begin the healing process sooner.


The benefit of a CAM Walker is that unlike a plaster cast, it can be removed at night when going to bed or showering. This is helpful as it can allow for some non-weightbearing movement at the ankle joint which reduces the risk of the joint becoming really stiff after prolonged periods in the boot. This also makes rehabilitation easier after the boot is finally removed.


A CAM Walker is mostly used without any other form of support like crutches. However, there are some injuries at the initial stages that will require a patient to use crutches in addition to a CAM Walker. We are able to fit you with crutches if the need arises.



Some injuries that may require the use of a CAM Walker include:

  • Fractures
  • Achilles Tear/Rupture
  • Plantar Fasica Tear
  • Stress Fractures
  • many more…


Most private health funds provide rebates for CAM Walkers/Moon Boots when supplied and fitted by our podiatrists.


If you require a Cam Walker/Moon Boot or would like any more information feel free to contact us at our Warragul, Drouin or Cranbourne Podiatry Clinics.