Children’s Flat Foot

Paediatric Flat Foot

Children's Flat Foot

Flat feet are a common condition that can affect both children and adults. In children it is known as a paediatric flat foot. In most cases your child will have a flat foot when standing however when you ask them to raise on to their tip toes their arch reappears. This is called a flexible flat foot. Sometimes you may have a strong family history of flat feet.


Children’s flat foot will generally cause no symptoms, however, your child may experience pain in their legs or feet. We know how much this can impact their activity and we want to make sure that your child is able to keep up with other kids running around without sitting out due to pain. Your child may feel pain in their legs, tiredness or trip due to flat feet. If their is a family history of problematic flat feet we highly recommend you bring in your child to see one of our friendly Podiatrists.




Our Podiatrists are here to help. We will watch our child walk, run, stand and play. This will tell us a lot about their movement and the many ways in which we can help. We will take a thorough history of your child’s activity as well as whether their is a family history of flat feet and whether this has led to any other problems like pain, arthritis etc.




If your child is experiencing any symptoms such as pain or tripping then our Podiatry team can help. There are many ways in which we can treat this condition. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting your child in the right shoe, sometimes it’s a bit more complicated and they need more support from orthotics. Whether your child has a mild case or more severe case of flat feet we will be able to give you a treatment plan that is tailored for them.


We know how much kids love to be active, we love it too! Our friendly team are here to help keep your child’s feet happy and healthy. Contact us for an appointment or make an appointment online.