Sports Podiatry


Sports Podiatry

At The Podiatry Group we deal with sports podiatry and sports injuries frequently. No matter what level of athlete you are, novice beginner to elite athlete, injuries and pain can occur in the feet and lower limbs.  


We understand that pain often means you stop or limit the activities that you love. We know how much our patients love running, exercising and playing sport and we are here to ensure that they can do all of that without the fear of pain or injury.


Our Podiatrists are able to assess your walking and running patterns using  video technology. From this we can identify the reasons that you have your current injury and quickly put in place treatment that can get you back on your feet sooner. 


To assist our management we are also able to refer for bulk billed x-rays and ultrasounds. This can tell us exactly what is damaged and to what extent.   Common conditions that may occur in the active population include:


We are here to help you recover from your injury and get you back into the sport and exercise you love. Contact us for an appointment or make an appointment online.