Nail Surgery


Nail Surgery

 Consistent painful in-grown toenails can result in multiple trips to your Doctor/Podiatrist. At The Podiatry Group we offer a permanent solution to this common problem.


Our Podiatrists are highly trained in the technique of nail surgery. It involves permanently removing the section of nail that is causing the problem under local anaesthesia. There is no cutting of the skin and therefore no stitches are required, this also reduces the healing time so you can get back in to activity sooner.


Our Podiatrists will discuss whether nail surgery is an option for you as well as the duration of the surgery and detailed instructions on post-operative care. Our patients have had great success when choosing this treatment path.


Important information when having a nail surgery:


– It is important to wear comfortable clothing and open toed sandals or thongs to your surgery appointment.

– If possible have someone pick you up after the surgery.

– Mention any reactions to anaesthetics in the past to your podiatrist

– Stay off your feet as much as possible, 12 -24 hours after the surgery.

– Keep your initial dressings dry until your review with the podiatrist.

– Pain relief such as Paracetomol can be taken for any pain in discussion with your pharmacist. 

Our friendly team are here to help keep your  feet happy and healthy. Contact us for an appointment or make an appointment online.