Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee Pain

What causes knee pain?

 There are two main types of injuries that can contribute to knee pain. An acute injury; which is an injury that happens suddenly and usually from a particular event such as a fall. The other type of injury is an overuse injury; this occurs over a period of time and can have a slow onset.


As Podiatrists we generally treat overuse injuries. There are various reasons why overuse injuries occur in the knee, these can include: footwear, foot posture, walking and running patterns, training techniques and more. Knee pain can occur at the front sides or back of the knee.  


Patellofemoral Syndrome


Patellofemoral syndrome is one of the most common knee conditions that our Podiatrists treat. We have a great team of allied health around us and work in conjunction with physios, osteos, allied health, coaches and trainers to help you on the quickest path to recovery.


Patellofemoral syndrome results in pain behind the knee cap (patella). The patella is surrounded by very powerful muscles and can be easily influenced by muscular imbalances. This knee pain is caused by poor kneecap alignment and results in the patella tracking (moving) in an abnormal position.


This condition can be associated with flat feet or excessive pronation; a term used to describe the foot rolling in. When the foot rolls in the lower limb moves into a knock kneed position and as such the patella no longer sits in it’s groove properly and is not tracking as it should.   If you have flat feet or excessive pronation then treatment centres around correcting these biomechanical abnormalities.


This can include footwear advice and the use of orthotics. We work as a part of your health care team to get you back doing the activities you love. 

Our team are here to help you recover from your injury and get you back into the sport and exercise you love. Contact us for an appointment or make an appointment online.