Toe Walking

Toe Walking

Toe Walking


Why does my child walk on their toes?


Our Podiatry team understands that children’s walking patterns vary greatly from early childhood to adulthood. These changes can sometimes be concerning for parents, particulalry when comparing to other children. It is important not to worry but to seek professional medical advice from our Podiatrists if you are concerned with your child’s foot or walking development.


Toe Walking can be considered a “normal” occurrence for children up to 3 years of age. Your child will generally walk on their tip toes. Sometimes there can be an underlying reason as to why a child may toe walk and these can be investigated by our friendly Podiatry team to help correct any issues from an early age.


Causes of Toe Walking


– (Idiopathic/Unknown Cause): Children who walk on their toes for no known reason. This can be due to habit but other reasons must be ruled out first. The child can physically touch their heels to the ground.


– Muscle Spasticity: Some conditions such as Cerebral Palsy can cause the muscles in the calf to tighten and prevent the child from physically being able to touch the ground with their heels.


– Congenital Muscular Dystrophy or Global Developmental Delay: Certain conditions that are often associated with toe walking.


– Autism: Linked with persistent toe walking.


– Hypersensitivity: Sensory processing issues or children who are more sensitive to touch may cause a child to toe walk.


– Sever’s Disease: A condition in which it may be painful to put the heel on the ground. A condition associated with the growth plate of the heel.




Our Podiatrists are trained to use a specific assessment tool designed for diagnosing toe walking. We will sit with you and discuss your childs history from pregnancy all the way to today. This will help us understand any other reasons that may cause your child to toe walk. We will watch your child stand, walk, run and play. This will help us determine the many ways in which we can help. Our Podiatrists will work with other members in your team such as physiotherapists and paediatricians to help manage the more complex cases.




  • Stretching and/or strengthening programs
  • Footwear advice
  • In-shoe padding/wedging or inserts
  • Carbon fibre plates- if necessary
  • Referral for botox treatment- Toe Walking Clinic at Monash Medical Centre
  • Referral for serial casting and/or Achilles surgical lengthening
  • Any neuromuscular conditions are referred to a specialist

We know how much kids love to be active, we love it too! Our friendly team are here to help keep your child’s feet happy and healthy. Contact us for an appointment or make an appointment online.