Shin Splints and Shin Pain

Female runner clutching her shin because of a running injury and inflammation. Tibial periostitis hurt while jogging on beach.

Shin Splints/Shin Pain


Why do my shins hurt? 


What are Shin Splints?


Shin Splints is a broad term that is used to describe pain, discomfort and inflammation in the legs. There are many factors that can contribute to this injury; these can relate to footwear, foot posture, walking or running patterns (gait), training errors, tight muscles, high impact activities, poor core stability, running on hard surfaces and many more. There are two bones that make up the lower leg; the tibia and the fibula. When using the term shin splints it generally refers to shin pain in the tibia bone.  


What are the symptoms of Shin Splints?

You can often feel pain, heat and swelling in the legs, this can be in a specific area or down the course of the tibia bone. Your legs can sometimes be tender or painful to touch. This pain can occur during activity as well as after activity.  


Diagnosis and treatment of shin splints?


Our Podiatrists use the following to  help diagnose and treat your injury:



Imaging (If needed)


– Bulk Billed X-rays and Ultrasounds


– MRI/CT Scans


Assessing the Cause:


– Video assessment of your running and walking patterns


– Assessing your footwear


– Assessing your hip and core strength


– Assessing your lower leg joints, strength and movement


– Assessing your risk factors (reasons why you have this injury)




– We give you a rehabilitation program suited for only you


– We provide a Strengthening/Stretching/Balance program


– Give you a return to activity plan


– Modify your risk factors


– Improve your running and training techniques


– Work closely with your coach/exercise physiologist/phyio/other allied health team member to help you reach your goals


– CAM Walker/Moon Boot (for tears and fractures)


– Strapping/Braces


– Sport compression


– Orthotics to help align and reduce risk of re-injury

Our team are here to help you recover from your injury and get you back into the sport and exercise you love. Contact us for an appointment or make an appointment online.