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Children can often wear out shoes very quickly, scuffing the soles of the shoe, buckling shoes, fraying seams, wearing down linings or pulling soles apart.  This may be caused by incorrect fitting or cheap shoes but may also be an indication of a weak or misaligned foot posture.


The Podiatry Group’s top tips for buying children’s shoes:


– Make sure to have both feet measured as one foot can be a different size compared with the other. This can be in length or width.

– Look for shoes with a straight last (the shape of the shoe better observed by looking at the sole- make sure the sole isn’t too curved around the toes)

– Ensure there is good fixation; avoid slip on shoes. Laces and velcro hold the foot in the shoe more effectively.

– Soles made of rubber and stitching that is doubled around the toe region can help increase the life of the shoe.

– Don’t buy or use second hand shoes. These shoes have already been worn to fit the previos wearer and will already have moulded to the previous pair of feet. This can cause more harm to your child’s foot.

– Ensure the shoe has a stiff heel counter; press on the back of the shoe behind the heel, make sure it can withstand the pushing and does not simply fold over when pushed. (Soft heel counters are okay in infant footwear).

– There should be room at the front of the shoe, there needs to be a child’s thumb width between the longest toe and the end of the shoe.

– The shoe should not be too flexible. It should not bend in half or be able to be twisted too much (this is okay in infant footwear).

– It is best to have your child’s footwear professionally fitted by someone with experience in fitting kid’s shoes.



Things to watch out for:



– Your child complaining of pain in the legs, knees, ankles or feet

– Limping

– Tripping and falling

– Uneven shoe wear

– Redness or skin irritation

– Redness around the toenails

– Hard skin on the foot



 If you have any concerns about you’re child’s development and function, that’s where we can help. Come visit our Podiatrists at CranbourneDrouin or Warragul. You do not require a referral but if your doctor or other health professional has provided you with one then please bring in any paperwork with you.   We have a great team waiting to care for your child’s feet.