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Welcome to The Podiatry Group

Looking for a Podiatrist? Our friendly team is available across multiple sites and are ready to provide you with the services you are looking for. Our experienced Podiatrists deliver tailored high quality foot, ankle and lower leg care allowing you to reach your goals. At The Podiatry Group we provide a full range of the latest, evidence based Podiatry services. Our team offer individualised treatment plans to patients of all ages for any condition within the foot, ankle and lower leg. The Podiatry Group was created with one person in mind – YOU. Our professional team is dedicated to keep you comfortable, healthy and on your feet. So come in, meet our team and allow us to provide the help you are looking for.

Lynette Stokie


Lynette graduated from LaTrobe University after studying a Bachelor of Podiatry. Although her passion for healthy feet may be considered weird by some, it has been what has driven her vision to create a company that provides the highest level of foot care.


Lynette loves to help people with sports injuries recover and return to full activity she also has a special interest in helping children of all ages. She finds treating patients with Diabetes a particular joy as she takes pride in helping keep feet healthy. 

When she isn’t busy saving the world one foot at a time you will find her with her head in the books always looking for new ways to solve foot problems.




Karen Purcell


Karen is especially talented holding two degrees. A Bachelor of Nursing and a Bachelor of Health Science Masters in Podiatric Practice. Karen is Lynette’s partner in crime and co-founded The Podiatry Group.

Karen’s favourite part of her job is helping children. She is able to keep those tiny feet in check with her super Podiatry powers. She has a special ability to help her patients feel comfortable, especially the young ones and also loves to treat sports injuries.

Always up for a challenge Karen isn’t afraid to dive into those complicated cases. When she isn’t busy helping someone she can often be found in the tea room pinching the communal biscuits!

Scarlett Coddington


Scarlett graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelors degree in Podiatry with Honours. Her research project into orthotics and comfort have given her a passion for putting patient comfort and satisfaction first when treating all foot and lower limb conditions.

Scarlett enjoys working with feet from all walks of life, from the toddlers just learning to walk to those well loved feet that have walked 500 miles and are keen to walk 500 more! She has a passion for helping patients with diabetes appreciate and maintain their foot health. She also loves to treat foot injuries, skin and nail problems to enable patients to get back on their feet and back to what they love doing.

Scarlett understands all too well that we need to have happy, healthy feet to get on with life. When she isn’t busy at work she is busy running after her two gorgeous young children.

Daniel Schlegel


dannyDanny graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters in Podiatric Practice. He is the latest addition to this hard working, foot-pain fighting team of Podiatrists!

Danny loves Podiatry because of the great satisfaction that children, adults and the elderly get when their feet are feeling great. He enjoys all aspects of Podiatry, from managing musculoskeletal injuries, helping children through their lower limb developmental stages, to relieving both young and old of painful skin related pathologies.

Through Danny’s experiences in retail and playing sports, he meets a wide variety of people who need care for their feet but don’t have the answers or resources to do anything about it. It is Danny’s goal as a Podiatrist to educate and support those that have been struggling from day to day to help keep them on their feet!

Feet aren’t the only thing in Danny’s busy life. He enjoys producing music, playing futsal, and getting involved in community volunteering through his local church.