Cold Feet

Cold Feet
Those of us who experience cold feet know they can be troublesome and uncomfortable and at times can stop you sleeping at night. Cold feet mostly affect us in winter months and in some cases
can lead to chilblains and poor healing, it can be more problematic as we age due to a decrease in circulation.
The simplest reason is a lack of warmth. Cold temperatures can cause constriction (narrowing) of blood vessels in our limbs, decreasing the flow of blood to our extremities. In absences of chilly weather other internal factors may be leading to our cold feet.
Raynauds Disease, Lupus, Neuropathy, Anemia, Diabetes, and Poor circulation are some common conditions that can also lead to cold feet.
Prevention is best by avoiding activities and habits that restrict circulation.
Wearing comfortable and warm clothing. You may often find that by warming up your hands you can often warm up your feet and vice versa. Gloves, thick socks and comfortable closed footwear are a few simple ways this can be done.
Stop smoking . Smoking can affect your blood vessels similar to the way the cold does, by causing them to constrict (get smaller), thus less blood (and warmth) travels down to the feet. Long term smoking can lead to long term effects on the feet and permanent decrease in blood supply.
Avoid coffee.  It is sad but true. Caffeine can also constrict blood vessels in the feet and legs, causing less blood flow and warmth. Replace that morning coffee with decaffeinated coffee or tea.
Keep active so the blood flow keeps pumping, just don’t go walking around in bare feet or on wet grass!
Soak your feet in warm water (not hot) for several minutes to warm your feet.
Address the underlying medical reason your feet may be getting cold by getting it checked out by your GP or podiatrist. As podiatrists we can test your circulation with the help of a Doppler
ultrasound. By using a Doppler ultrasound, we can see on a chart what your blood vessels are doing and hear the quality of the blood flow.

We know how much you love to be active, we love it too! Our friendly team are here to help keep your feet happy and healthy. Contact us for an appointment at our Cranbourne, Beaconsfield, Drouin or Warragul Clinics or make an appointment online.