Quality of Care Principles


Standard 1

1.6 Human resource management 


We provide current certificates and registrations required to comply with accreditation requirements surrounding contractors promptly so they are always in place for support visits. 


1.8 Information systems 


Our appointment schedules are up to date, come in a user friendly format and are easy to locate for our resident’s and staff 

Documentation is attended on site and complies with the facility’s information systems 


1.9 External services 

Our podiatrists provide podiatry care to each resident on an 8 weekly basis (earlier if required), attending the facility every week/fortnight. We provide full podiatry services at each appointment which complies with meeting service provider and care recipient needs. 



Standard 2

2.3 Education and Staff development 


Our Podiatrists provide onsite staff education sessions annually that address foot care and staff role, advice on chronic wounds, compression stockings, footwear, skin and nail conditions. This contributes to upholding the facility’s education and staff development standards. 


2.4 Clinical Care 


We provide thorough foot and ankle care to each resident including all aspects of podiatry services. This may involve nail cutting, corn/callous removal, treatment of warts and fungal infections, Neurovascular assessments for resident’s with; diabetes, peripheral vascular disease or any other blood flow/sensation concerns, measuring and fitting of compression stockings, advice and assistance in gaining appropriate foot and ankle related diagnosis and treatment from the GP. 


2.6 Other health and related services 


We work in a team approach with nursing staff, doctors, PCAs and other healthcare professionals to meet individualised and desirable outcomes for each resident.


2.8 Pain management 


We assist to identify foot and ankle pain. We work with the resident, staff, GP and families to meet pain relief needs. This may be through the fitting of a splint or brace, compression stockings, organising massage and updating footwear. 


2.11 Skin Care 


We identify wounds/pathologies with the resident’s skin and work in a team based approach to best manage any issues that arise through prevention,  active treatment in wound care, debridement and offloading of wounds 


2.13 Behavioural management 


Our staff receive regular education regarding conditions such as dementia that may impact on a residents behaviours. Our staff are trained to attend care for residents with different behavioural challenges and work closely with facility staff to meet the podiatry needs of the resident with as little disruption to the resident as possible. 


2.14 Mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation 


We assist in identifying the individual resident’s mobility challenges and needs. We work closely with other allied health professionals to develop individualised plans to address any weakness/falls risk. This may include updating footwear and providing stretching and strengthening programs. 


2.16 Sensory loss 


Annual neurovascular assessments for residents with sensation concerns are conducted and assist to identify sensory loss. A management plan is then put in place by our podiatrists to minimise the negative impact of the sensory loss on the resident. This may include education on wearing stable footwear, seamless socks and shoes with seam free uppers. 


Standard 3

3.6 Privacy and dignity 


Our podiatrists attend to podiatry care whilst upholding privacy, confidentiality and dignity for each resident.  


3.9 Choice and decision making 


We involve each resident or NOK representative in the podiatry care they receive. We discuss with them their goals for foot health and assist them in their decision making to ensure they choices are being understood and met. 


Standard 4

4.5 Occupational health and safety 


We ensure that the equipment and furniture we bring in to the facility meets OH&S standards. Any chemical we use are stored safely and have a Material Data Safety Sheet attached.  


4.7 Infection control 


All podiatry equipment such as nail cutters, files and scalpel handles are of a high quality and are sterile so only 1 set of sterile instruments is used per resident. We keep a log of our sterilisation process and are happy to bring this in to show you at any time. We meet sterilisation and infection control guidelines as per the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare. 


Our podiatrists report any infections such as wound infections as per your facilities policy.  


Our staff use PPE at all times to maintain infection control.