More About Us

Attractive nurse and her elderly patient smile together for the camera. Horizontal shot.

More About Us

Our residents love the foot care they receive from The Podiatry Group. Here is what they have to say about OTHER podiatry companies and US.


“They only cut my nails”


As we have our own private clinics we are able to bring the latest technology and trained skills direct to the resident. 

This includes: 

  • Orthotics for foot pain and management of pressure ulcers
  • Splints to manage toe deformities and bunion pain 
  • Custom mould devices and silicone to manage corns, callous and pressure wounds 
  • Custom braces for foot drop and chronic ankle/foot pain 
  • Footwear to improve balance and reduce risk of falls 
  • SWIFT technology for the treatment of warts 
  • Fungal nail treatments

“We never see the same podiatrist twice” 


We link each residential facility with one of our friendly podiatrists. So each resident and facility can have one main point of contact for podiatry. We are committed to providing the same podiatrist for each visit. 

“Sometimes they don’t show up or they miss me” 



We visit each aged care facility on a regular basis. We manage the list of residents who will be seen at each facility. We keep this list on site and ensure we see each resident before we leave. If for some reason the resident is away we contact the resident/NOK and make a suitable time to return to provide podiatry care. 

“They’re in and out so quickly”


We spend time with each resident, ensuring that their feet are well looked after and they are happy with the end result. Each resident receives a foot massage with premium skin creams at the end of their treatment (which each resident certainly deserves). 

“They start too early in the morning” 


Our podiatrists begin treatment at 9am for those who have finished their breakfast. We do not wake resident’s from sleep at any time of the day and we do not interrupt their meal times or activities. We attend each resident’s room for their own comfort and we ensure we are finished before the residents sit down to enjoy their dinner.

We are here to help with:

  • Podiatry care plans for each resident to ensure foot health is part of the holistic picture of their care needs
  • Podiatry foot assessments: we look at callous and other pressure areas, nail deformities, bony deformities, blood flow issues and much more
  • We supply and use industry standard sterile equipment and dressings
  • We provide thorough handover that involves discussion to and documentation for the team care leader




  • We provide all of our aged care standard documentation including: police checks, registration certificates, insurance certificates, first aid and CPR certificates- all your documentation needs for accreditation purposes


  • Emergency podiatry visits at the standard rate or bulk billed (whichever applies). As we are so frequently visiting this is often a rare need


  • Regular opportunity to provide feedback to our team


  • Education for staff and residents to help maintain good health of their feet


  • Calendar entries for residents and staff so they know exactly when we are visiting