Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails

Lately, The Podiatry Group have been seeing a lot of people suffering from ingrown toenails, and we mean suffering! The term “ingrown toenail” is used to describe a number of problems that lead to pain around the nails. Most commonly the big toenail is affected however, smaller nails can also be affected.


Incorrect cutting of the toenail is where a small spike of the nail is left and can pierce the skin, leading to pain and at times infection. Nails should be cut straight across without digging down the sides, and a nail file used to smooth rough edges.


Poorly fitting footwear can also lead to ingrown nails. Tight shoes can restrict room and can cause micro trauma to the nails.


Certain types of nail shapes, such as involuted nails where the nail edges curve into the skin, can predispose a person to an ingrown toenail.


Trauma, either acute or anything that causes repetitive damage to the nail can cause an ingrown nail. This can include running, wearing pointy toed shoes or dropping a brick on the toe.


Ingrown toenails can be treated conservatively or by nail surgery. Conservatively treating ingrown nails can include care from a podiatrist to remove the nail spike edge and lifting the corner of the nail, warm salt water soaks or footwear change. Nail surgery is not always required and can be either permanent or temporary depending on the situation and should be discussed with your podiatrist. We simply remove the side of the nail that digs into the toe to remove pressure and allowing it to heal.


If there is any discomfort with your nails, or you have any concerns about your toenails, please contact us at one of our practice locations on 1300 847 226.

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