Aged Care


Aged Care

The Podiatry Group have a strong knowledge and background in Aged Care; we offer podiatry services to residential aged care facilities and also independent lifestyle villages.

We know that the risk of foot conditions increase with age; Skin becomes thinner and more fragile,  fatty padding looses its natural cushioning,  and the feet seem to get further and further away! At The Podiatry Group we understand the foot changes that occur as a natural process of ageing. Our podiatrists are able to provide a comprehensive plan to keep your feet feeling young which keeps you more mobile and independent.

To enable better relationships with our patients, we guarantee that our patients will see the same podiatrist on each visit and the podiatrist will even come to the resident’s room to increase comfort levels and reduce demand on the floor staff.

We provide thorough neurovascular testing including doppler ultrasound for resident’s with diabetes and vascular disease and we are proficient in writing care directives and documentation that supports ACFI funding and accreditation requirements.

  • We supply our own equipment every time
  • We have a sound knowledge base of funding tools (such as EPC and DVA) to reduce costs for facilities/residents and their families
  • Bulk Billing available for EPC and DVA clients
  • We visit every 6-8 weeks so that we can see new residents and give regular clients the opportunity to have more frequent visits.